Two years worth of luggage



If you were/ are a backpacker, As little as possible is what we knew for packing a luggage. For girl who love fashion, it is a big struggle between be a hippy or a hipster.
After two years of my backpacking life in Australia, I am just 1/3 backpacker this time. I am in Spain for a few months, and potentially live in England for about 2 years. Thats mean I don’t need to think of space too much, and I already have a shopping round up list once I back to England (Excited). I am going to the country where have so many cheap fashionable goodies. So I decided just bring something either very cool stuffs, super functional or donate-to-the-charity-shop-potential.

So above is what I brought,

– Very cool stuffs

Herve Leger body con dress; Herve Leger swimwearAlice+ Olivia dress; Nike leggings.

Reason: For the dresses, I have no occasion to wear that in HK, I don’t go for drink and party often there unfortunately;
The Nike Pro Hyperwarm Print Aurora Fitted Ladies Long Running Tights is awesome! Can keep my legs warm, flexible for yoga, if you can move your legs 360′, I am sure it can still keep in the good pattern and shape.

– Super functional:

Super Warm Uniqlo top; Leggings; Nike bra; GU jacket; Element maternity coat; trainers; T-shirt

Reason: Just to keep me warm, to do exercise. But since my second day in Spain, I know I had not brought enough warm clothes. I feel freezing every second until the fire place is on.

– Donate-to-the-charity-shop-potential:

Forever21 high neck crop top (You could not believe how difficult it is to wear this in HK, it’s way “too sexy”, because it is very tight and possibly can see my waist and body shape.); Socks and underwear.

Reason: I can always buy the similar cheap clothes again and again and again (Yeah).

So I brought those emergency clothing from Hong Kong to Europe, dress very basic in Spain these months and planned to go crazy in England.

Drawing sketches and imagine what I could wear and how I could styling myself are what I can do for now. I stated myself as being very poor in the fashionable way, but I am still rich in my mind (Especially when I see such an impressive landscape every morning through the window, the too-beautiful-to-be-real picture just a step away.)

What would you bring if you were me? Any good suggestion?

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