Leaving WordPress, please still follow me on http://bloglovin.com/heaology friends<3

Sorry for the inconvenience! I am moving to alheaology.blogspot.com, as I used to it so much. I would be super grateful if you don’t mind to follow me ob the other social feed below: Twitter: https://twitter.com/heaology Bloglovin: http://bloglovin.com/heaology Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/heaology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heaology Instagram: http://instagram.com/heaology Blogspot: http://alheaology.blogspot.com If you don;t mind, can you let me know you are from wordpress? 🙂 Thanks […]

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Spring Summer 2015-02

Top: New Look Bottom: Sisley Her hand on her belly because I was in pain while drawing it. Neck top is coming back this season, come with subtle see-through details is in trend. See though in nowadays emphasise the subtleness with it hints of sexy elegance, if you are dressed too exposed, you are out. Shoes: Jimmy Choo […]

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Art of enduring a period

How does your period affect you monthly? I am not any kind of professional related to periods, but I keep a very good relationship with mine. I do not want it to leave sometimes LOL. Never have a very long conversation with girls from other country about menses. But let me introduce a bit about it in […]

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Two years worth of luggage

  If you were/ are a backpacker, As little as possible is what we knew for packing a luggage. For girl who love fashion, it is a big struggle between be a hippy or a hipster. After two years of my backpacking life in Australia, I am just 1/3 backpacker this time. I am in […]

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Girl in pink

This picture is inspired from one of the photo I found on Tumblr, unfortunately I forgot the original link, if anyone have the familiar photo or you are the model, please let me know.

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Winter essential I

  In Hong Kong, we can not live without air-conditioning. Here, I can not live without a heater, or a fireplace. Feet and hands just so icy. Am wearing Nike Pro Hyperwarm Print Aurora Fitted Ladies Long Running Tights bought from Japan.

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